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New Ideas and Suggestions? Let us know!

Greetings! G2G is launching it's own helpdesk portal so our clients can post their suggestion or recommendation. This platform provides us a valuable method to engage with our customers so we can improvise our products and services.   We hope...

19 5 days ago
by G2G
do not buy any games from user wowzlo

 wowzlo is a russian hacker selling STOLEN accounts so you going to end up with no money and banned account or account returned to original owner. Like GTA V account he has recently posted is STOLEN and it's reported already...

3 about 12 hours ago
by sukatprdelku
Made 15 - 20 transactions with you guys now were done i guess

For 3 months no issues and great support - then out of no where you say you have to verify my credentials?  I do not feel comfortable with providing ID and stuff to you.  Again after 15 or so purchases...

1 5 days ago
by lcmann1
Refund order

I just cancel order coz the seller had technical issue, how's the procedure?I need that money back as quick as you can. I tranfer through bank acc

2 11 days ago
by Ryan
Age for using the site being a seller

From what age I can fully use your site to sell items and boost accounts?

1 24 days ago
by Dmitriy
Paypal does not work in my country Lebanon, our best solution is Western Union.

Hi G2G, If it would be possible to accept Western Union for USD or a new currency Lebanese Pounds to my country Lebanon, as I cannot withdraw with Paypal. Please and Thank you. 

1 about 1 month ago
by Andy
New Withdrawal Rules

Not so long ago, new withdrawal rules were applied on the site. There was no information about that and I was a bit confused when I found out that only PayPal withdrawals are available for Normal sellers. Of course, PayPal...

9 about 1 month ago
by Eugene
Beta Chat - Have no *New msg* Notices and i missing questions from buyers

Beta Chat - Have no *New msg* Notices (better if sound alarm) and i missing questions from buyers  also u cant use at Beta Chat page mods like Page Monitor(Chrome) or anyother which Alarming if found any changes = new msg ...

2 about 1 month ago
by Alexander
Thumbs UP and Thumbs DOWN

Hi i'm a seller i reached 48 level on seller account, but noticed that only 4 people had left to me a thumbs. 3 positive and 1 negative, and now my account show a 75% of satisfacted people, but it...

2 4 months ago
by Daniele
All the possibilities of withdrawal to newcomers - 2

 Recently, G2G has been updated, and now sellers who do not sell more than 1000 dollars per month are prohibited by all payment methods except PayPal. I understand that you so want to stimulate sell more, but there are countries...

2 4 months ago
by Temuçin mustafa
Adding a Review System to a Seller's Profile

From the experience of a few of my friends and I, there are a few popular sellers on this website that falsely advertise delivery estimates, along with other similar details. I understand G2G already has a rating system, but I...

2 4 months ago
by Josh
Ban users in new beta chat

Hi, i have many users becoming stalker with the new chat, they don't limit requests to the order but they feel free to ask and pretend many other things...and this mean FREE stress. We are not able at the moment...

3 4 months ago
by Daniele
G2G please WITHDRAW money

Dear G2G, open withdraw on WebMoney please, in my country, PayPal works terribly, they can just block my account for the fact that I often transfer money there, I already had that. I work on your platform for half a...

1 4 months ago
by Роман
All the possibilities of withdrawal to newcomers!

Recently, G2G has been updated, and now sellers who do not sell more than 1000 dollars per month are prohibited by all payment methods except PayPal. I understand that you so want to stimulate sell more, but there are countries...

6 4 months ago
by Nikolay
Heres a BRILLIANT idea

- Have someone check the tickets not just autoreply the same thing over and over. - Have people work at the phone number you list for help not just a msg saying nobody is available and hang up on you...

1 5 months ago
by Jamie Kizis
contacting seller

I need to contact with this seller about account. Can anyone help me with that?

1 5 months ago
by Mohammed
Onmyoji Arena

Why g2g dont have system to selling onmyoji arena skin? Please make it because i want to sellin it through g2g Kindly make it ASAP

2 6 months ago
Limited Listings

I have become the first seller for state of decay 2, Spend an hour or 2 making a spreadsheet and im still currently working on descriptions for every item but I went to test it on the site once I...

1 9 months ago
by Mark
Can my most recent complaint be deleted?

I recently filed a complaint but it was incorrect. Then itr seemed i was unable to say that it was solved or remove it. Can it be removed manually?

1 10 months ago
by Mojp2004
EternalStock Scammer Do NOT Buy From Him!

Do NOT buy WoW gold from seller "EternalStock". He is a scammer. I bought 500,000 gold on WoW from him because of his "1 hour" guarantee delivery time. 24 hours later and I still have not received my gold. I...

3 10 months ago
by Jon
Please add an option to ask seller a question about listing

Hi, Hope u guys are doing good, I'm new to the G2G community. My overall experience is good. I bought and sold some items of mine here. I found a little annoying thing which can be fixed. Sometimes seller is...

2 11 months ago
by Mohammad
Uplay section

Hello, I would like to make such an offer as another section with games, but from the Ubisoft campaign, namely their uplay store. After all, there are a lot of games that are also played by millions of players from...

1 about 1 year ago
by Vyachislav
Viewing of paid goods

Hello, I would like to make such an offer as viewing the paid goods. That is, I as a seller will be able to easily view the money paid for the goods or not yet. And also if of course...

1 about 1 year ago
by Vyachislav
"Guarantee from the seller"

Hello, I would like to make such a proposal as "warranty from the seller." Since I have been working on such platforms for a long time, as a seller, I would very much like to see you have such a...

1 about 1 year ago
by Vyachislav
Dragon saga

Can you please add "Dragon Saga" game in list? Official website link 

1 about 1 year ago
by Олександр
Thanku The Seller

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY. he Scammed me and i watched as he scammed others. Do not trust G2g shouldnt let this guy sell here but they do then the customer support says thats its your fault and...

3 about 1 year ago
by Evan
bitcoin as a withdrawal method


1 over 1 year ago
Able to talk with seller before gold ordering.

I find out about the fact that there is no gold on the server after payment. Then wait for the refund and order again from another seller. It's very uncomfortable.

5 over 1 year ago
by Pishnaa
Gemmes sur clash royale

  Peux t'on mettre un identifiant apple différent que celui de game center pour l'achat des gemmes pour l'identification a deux facteur ? Merci c'est important que je sache si cela reste possible.

1 over 1 year ago
by Anthony
Listing spam

 Hi. It's not really a large problem but It's pretty annoying and unnecessary. On multiple listings I've seen, there are persons who post tons of listings just for boosting for example. Wouldn't it be better to have a rule or...

2 over 1 year ago
by Nickolay

Report a problem

Got a complaint? Post it here so we can tend to your problem

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Important Notice: Issue with Clash Royale & Clash of Clans Gems Top Up

Pertaining to the issue above, please be informed that we are already in the process of investigating it with the sellers, and the accounts of the affected sellers have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. Buyers who have...

25 9 months ago
by G2G

Please Refund my Order #12395. The seller has already contacted me

1 3 minutes ago
by Aiden
Why can't I pass verification

Я ждал несколько дней, чтобы подтвердить свой аккаунт. Я сделал все , что было написано в инструкции , но это не поможет мне пройти проверки р аренды скажите мне , что я сделал неправильно

1 about 5 hours ago
by Samvel
Account Revoked

Hi sir my account got revoked bu dealer.Plz help me.....

1 about 8 hours ago
by Imandeep
Payment pending

I made a payment but it says its still pending

2 about 8 hours ago
by Aban
League account locked

Hi, the account I just bought on league was locked the same day I bought it. I would like a refund, or if possible the email used to create it so I can ask riot to unlock it (I need...

1 about 21 hours ago
by Samuel
Forza Account

I bought a forza horizon 4 account but im waiting for days. I didnt get a email with the account but the order said "completed".

1 1 day ago
by wilhelmcan

Hi Support team, could you please transfer my balance to my PayPal account?

1 1 day ago
by andreas.verreydt11

My order keep in saying contact support for verification code please help

1 1 day ago
by Liam
Payment received - contact G2G support

For oRDER №12372302 I got notification "payment received contact G2G support" - whats going on?

2 1 day ago
by Ben
Orden pendiente

SOLD ORDER №1449093 The order has been finalized, it was delivered, it was confirmed, but the page still says pending. Please help me complete the order. Ulises --

1 2 days ago
by Ulises
ID verification case?

hey can you help me get approved to sell currency on g2g? I registered an account here and when I tried to make a listing for currency it required to verify my ID. I sent in the documentation a week...

1 2 days ago
by Mikkel
For sale account in listing says "Low Stock" and can't be seen as listed when searching.

 For sale account in listing says "Low Stock" and can't be seen as listed when searching. How can i fix it? Please help me fix it so I can continue selling.

2 2 days ago
by Charlton
No me llega mi entrega de vaucher

Compre 14000 mil.vaucher de arena of valor y no me llegan. 3l.vendedor no me contesta Ayudenme!!

1 2 days ago
by John

Hello i just got after i done the purchase from “BlackStoreID” he sold to me pubg mobile acc, after i confirm the purchase he got it back I need my money and please do something with him! ORDER №12369849 Best...

1 2 days ago
by ahmad
My account got hacked

Hello! i bought an hearhtstone account form here (i got the receipt) and now the guys that sold it draged the account back and changed the email back to his original email. 

1 3 days ago
by Eddie
Delivery not accurate

There are many great things to like about your website and services, but when delivery of those services (as advertised) fails, then the former doesn't matter. The first time I used this service was about a month ago and I...

1 3 days ago
by defunkt22
I need help.

I bought an account, it says it was verifying since 7 am almost. It says to contact you guys, but you’re yet to respond it’s been almost 12 hours, can you give me my account or cancel it already? Here...

1 4 days ago
by rogelio.morales96
lost my phone

hi i have a new phone and my old number got lost months ago, is there anyway to reset it so i can add my new phone no. ?

1 5 days ago
by Paul
Account got taken by the rightful owner.

I had bought an account from for $18 and was totally satisfied with my purchase until a couple days later the account was taken back by the rightful owner. This is extremely upsetting to know i wasted my money...

2 5 days ago
by Jaydenels101
Cancellation in progess. How to cancel the cancellation?

Yesterday I bought an Account. I didn't realise that all needed informations were included in the delivery, so I cancelled it. Today I figured out how to correctly log in with the given account details. The cancellation is still in progress....

1 5 days ago
by Christoph

№12337200 A refund of 25.00 was given back to me on March 15th BUT charged me 26.05 for something I didn’t buy. Please give me back my money. Thank you.

1 5 days ago
by muelf2018
Seller doesnt bring me my keys

I just ordered 20 keys for rocket League and my seller sad i should add him. I added him an he went offline, and now i Cent contect him.

1 5 days ago
by Predat00r
No delivery

Order №12357825

1 5 days ago
by Hackim
Order no 12351126

I need help i didnt received anything its allready over the delivery time please help me

1 5 days ago
by Ersin
Refund for #12355611 | Game Account was banned

I would like a refund on #12355611, the account he provided was banned. I googled his name and found out he has done it before. I tried to contact him but no luck!

2 5 days ago
by Hyfalls
3 days, and no delivery

Hello,  I will never have problem with a seller, but this time he doesn't answer me, or give me life sign. I make this transaction yesterday, and the seller his never connected on the website. He say "20 min delivery"....really...

2 5 days ago
by Arnaud
Account sold but I have no available money received

Hi,  I recently sold one of my accounts on this site and there is no money in my account. It has been about a week since the account has been sold. My account ID is 4508283.  Any help would be...

1 6 days ago
by David
No delivery

Seller was unable to process the order due to the account already somehow being sold. An email i got about the cancellation said to report the problen with proof.

1 6 days ago
by Matthew.mulkey1998
No delivery

Paid for caps 3 hours ago and still no caps

1 6 days ago
by Robert

Site Patch & Updates

What's new on G2G Marketplace

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G2G Marketplace New Theme 2017

For the past year, our dev team has been working tirelessly to bring you a fresh new G2G marketplace experience. We have revamped pretty much the whole site with a new feel and look, more user friendly interface, and best...

11 over 1 year ago
by G2G
Release 3.42

1. Required user to upload photo ID + selfie during verification process.

3 4 months ago
by Swee Heng
Release - 3.37

1. Product listing responsive view layout enhancement.

1 8 months ago
by G2G
Release - 3.34

1. Buyers are now able to view screenshots uploaded by seller at Purchase Order page. Likewise, sellers will also be able to view what they have uploaded in Sold Order page.

1 9 months ago
by G2G
Release - 3.32

1. Fixed user profile banner layout issue in mobile view. 2. Create Listing Page content update for “TOP UP” & “SKIN” service

1 10 months ago
by G2G
Release - 3.31

1. Phone verify for seller registration 2. Reposition ‘Add more’ button for CSGO create listing 3. Update latest top 10 Payment method at footer bar

1 10 months ago
by G2G
Patch Update: 16th May 2018

1. Removed email notification to customer when new order created. 2. Add search bar for CSGO inventory at create listing. 3. Enhance navigation with auto scroll to corresponding section at create listing. 4. Limit recently view(10) and filtering product listing(10)...

1 10 months ago
by G2G
Release - 3.20

Support CS:GO skins by using official Steam CS:GO inventory.

1 11 months ago
by G2G