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Petition to completely rework or remove the phone number confirmation system.

This is a copy of a ticket that I have already sent to support. This is mainly for users to give out their opinion about this.

SO many users, including myself, are having alot of issues with the phone verification system.

G2G is a great network of people who want to exchange services with eachother, but this is really holding back literally HUNDREDS of people from ordering!

I'm having this issue: I can confirm my mobile no. in my account settings page, but checkout won't let me checkout because it's an 'invalid number'

I'd like the management team to realize this system is loaded with bugs and imperfections, and needs to be either fixed, reworked or maybe even REMOVED.

I hope you understand.

2 people have this problem

Hi Lukas,

may you kindly provide us the valid and working mobile number that you can be contacted on that is billed by your official local mobile service provide via

We will need to check on the said mobile number as the management is now checking on your profile.

Dear Lukas,

The respective department have checked your account and the previously updated numbers. They were either invalid or considered as a local fixed line which is not accepted as a Mobile Number in our verification system. 

We apologize for the inconveniences caused but, during sign-up, consumers are to agree to the terms and conditions of the management and this includes the terms of verifying a user account. This will include verification with mobile number when you are purchasing with certain payment options. 

We wait for your swift response in providing us a valid mobile via e-mail.

I'm having issues with the phone system as well. apparently I used your services over 5 years ago when I had another number, now when I try to verify my new number it says the message has been sent to the old number. Frankly, if I wasn't so bored this evening I would have already given up and moved onto another service but I thought I might as well let you know. Have emailed you ( my new number



Hi Robert,

We noticed that you have managed to change and verify your new mobile phone number. Please do let us know if you require any other assistance.

Thank you :)

well looks like i have the sane issues

checkout won't let me checkout because it's an 'invalid number'

Hi Faissal79,

According to the findings and response in Ticket #5202, you seemed to have your number registered with a different account: which is different from the current e-mail you are using. Kindly relog into your existing account that is tied with your mobile number to make a purchase. :)

I have a problem aswell. I made a mistake while i was typing my phone number. and i don't remember the digits i typed is there anyone i can change my phone number by email?

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