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Greetings! G2G is launching it's own helpdesk portal so our clients can post their suggestion or recommendation. This platform provides us a valuable method to engage with our customers so we can improvise our products and services.


We hope everyone likes it. Don't forget to like our Facebook fanpage and our Youtube channel for more exciting news update!

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Hey G2G!

Really happy with this website, I haven't been here for long, but damn its nice!

I know you have this WOR token system, but wouldn't it be cool to use the tokens on something else? like ingame items or be able to send to a friend to help them get started nice and good? :D 

Hi Alex,

We've forwarded your feedback to our management for consideration and we shall let you know if anything's up. Great suggestion by the way ;)


it would be better to be able to contact the seller before making the order in case he does not have the amount of gold/ goods we seek to order 

Hi Abdullah,

We do value your suggestion, however since we are a portal hosting individual sellers' listings it may be difficult to prevent direct deals that way.  To solve the issue, we would strongly recommend that you check your seller's profile for high order success % before committing to purchase, as the figure suggests the seriousness of each seller in fulfilling their listed offers.


i support for his suggestion too, sometimes buyer might have a question before they buy, or for example case on my store is usually buyer might wondering if his account meet our requirement for boosting or not.

there are actually alot of case when buyer need to ask such as ask for discount if buying bulk, or request more boosting etc.

perhaps, g2g could use features like comment for each listing, you can monitor their comment as well to avoid any direct deals, could have report button too so buyer will able to report them if they offer any direct sale.

or put chat button on every seller, but the chat will go to g2g support , so g2g could forward a question from buyer to seller, but might need alot of human resource from g2g if using this suggestion, also the seller will not always available to reply as well.

Could you make a post for people to know even without the seller having to remind the buyers about the problem that has been causing some problems??

The seller comes with random names but since it's Level 1 and there are people around that area so they might be checking and it's quite noticeable since a high level character trading with a low level one. The character name is different if you focus on each letters. Example is shown below.

Alexionus < The one who gave me the gold

Alexîonus < The one who asked me to give the back the gold which is actually quite confusing.. 

Just putting this up so that there won't be much Victims who are browsing to buy WoW gold and there are news that this site isn't safe and all but I'm a regular and I know I don't even have to worry about losing anything at all. I have never had an issue that was never solved.

Hi Moe,

Thank you for your insight. In regards to the issue our buyers are facing in being asked to return the gold by some individuals pretending to be our seller, it is essential for our buyers to have a solid and fixed arrangements through the G2G chat option between the buyer and seller to make sure there are no confusions in the trading of the order. Therefore as for now, we strongly advise for our buyers to communication thoroughly with the seller via chat upon making the order delivery arrangements. We at G2G strive to make our platform the safest medium in conducting in game transactions and sort, and we will definitely keep you posted for any development on our website for our buyers and sellers convenience. 

Thank you.

please remove or at least ask for confirmation on the menu apply to all.

i keep press them accidently and totally give me  a headache to edit the description back

well, i think we need feature for store admin or something like that.

just like what usually a store have , since there is no way for us to work alone from PR, Report, Accounting, Marketing, boosting etc.

i realized this past few weeks,sometimes i dont even feels like to login  after im fail on some order, also there was a time  when im really busy with my real life, while im still forcing myself to work the order 1 by 1 whenever i have a free time, but there is not enough time to stay infront of my pc, or to online an hour to reply the chat and confirm the delivered order, end up there was alot of order was cancelled because i didnt confirm the delivery after im finish.

long story short, i believe g2g seller will need an admin feature something like another user join to our store, it would even better if the system have something like admin level, for example admin lv1 can reply chat, admin lv 2 lv1+edit listing, lv3 can lv1+lv2+confirm order and withdraw.

well as for the booster like my self, i believe we will need someone that can help us to handle our pending buyer when we were doing the boosting job.

im actually feels bad for my buyer, but i have no choices some game took alot of hours, while some might took less.

hopefully they will considering this feature for a better shopping experience :D

Hello, would like to be able to speak to a seller before actually paying for an item in case you need to ask for further details, seems like thatd be a pretty standard function but it isn't.

hello ..

i want to ask if i can get seller top up for this game naruto mmorpg

thanks ..


280 Bytes

please verify my account G2G I used so much money and you wont even verify it???

Placed Order # 11227316 on October, 12'th 2018 (10 Miillion GTA currency for Xbox One) from seller GTAOnlinePS4. Wait time was said to be 96 hours max. After 4 on October 16'th, 2018 I cancelled my order and ordered somewhere else and got the delivery within an hour.

Now.. On October 17'th, you emailed me that you have forwarded my cancellation request to the "respective team" and that you'll notify me when the cancellation is done. After no response, I followed up on the 22'nd and was told "We will check with the respective team and notify you once there is an update. sorry for the inconvenience caused." and again no response... I contacted you AGAIN on October 24'th asking you to please tell me what's going on with my cancellation. I've even tried to call you many times throughout these couple weeks, however your phone lines are never accepting calls but i'm sure you already know that!

It's been 2 fucking weeks, seller has made no attempt to deliver my order and you've made no attempt to cancel it. In fact, you've charged me two times since! Both .47¢  All I want is for my order refunded to my card, PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on with my cancellation and not just "our respective team will notify you when it's cancelled".. Did the person who handles cancellations die or something??? I'm starting to wonder if this whole website is a scam.

Easiest suggestion: add voice notification option for beta chat. I really want to be in touch almost immediately and not alt tab each 5 minutes.

Can we have advanced rating system, buyers could be able to comment about their experience with the seller, not just thumbsup or down because that's not enough !


This is so ridiculous no notice or anything that this was gonna happen now my balance will just sit on g2g with nothing to spend it on. So random to boost the minimum amount from $14 to $145.

Captain tube

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