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Cant Buy Anything

i cant checkout with paypal or credit card only these stupid websites that im not going to sign up to like web money and onecard. why cant i just buy some gold with paypal, theres something ont he homepage saying if i pay with paypal i can go in the draw to win 100 dollar store code, but i cant pay with paypal? what do i do?

Kindly contact us at with your login email so we can advise you further as the details are likely quite confidential to be discussed via a forum response.  

having a problem buying gems for COC

Hi Monzer,

Kindly check your email for both of your orders (8642386 & 8642359). You'll need to verify your PayPal email before we able to proceed with your order. 

Thank you

Cant use paypal as a pay metohd
*First purchase may be subjected to a one time verification process.

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