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I buy kinah but I didn't get on time . seller promise was 5 hours and for my order pass more then 12 hours .

so I cancel the order , I need my money back as tokens so I can buy from other seller

Order Number: 7100260
Order Date: Saturday, 20 February, 2016

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Hi Aaref,

Please be informed that we have refunded your order 7100260 back to your Paypal accoujnt previously. You may check your Paypal account balance accordingly.

Thank you

hiii, i ve ordered clash of clans th9 level from a chines seller. my order number is 7167875. fter 6 hour of payment deduction. nothing has been done.i request you to kindly attend this issue  

Hi Amit,
The account information has been delivered to your order page. If you still encounter some issue with the account, please contact our customer support again for assistance.

Thank you.


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