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Still verifying, seller seems to be offline.

I can't send messages to the seller while status is on verifying, and even if I could his status is offline. How long is the response time usually?

Hello. Tim. Your order is processing now and you may sent a message to the seller via G2G chat.


Same problem here, still verifying and seller seems to be offline. Any way to quickly get this over with?

Hello, Sander. It seems like you still did not verify your PayPal email address yet. Thank you.


It should be verified, yet the seller is still offline and I can't contact him in any way. Is there a way for me to not have to wait a long while before I get what I purchased from you?

Hello. Sander. Your order has been processed and you may opt to cancel your current order, so you can refund into store credit which you can place a new order with other seller is still online at the moment. Thank you.


Same problem here, still verifying. How long is the response time usually?

omg pls help me

I'm sorry ulasbf but your payment did not go through the verification process hence the order has been cancelled by the system.

Same problem here, my order has been verifying about 3 hours now, i thought it will be faster


I can't change photo within  days, can you help me to verifying?

I'm waiting 3 days to verifying photo, wtf?

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