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Verify my order pls :)

Would be really appreciated even tho its late!:D

Hello. Daniel. Your order is still awaiting you to verify your PayPal before we can proceed.


How to i verify my paypal? :o

oh my bad, verified :)

Your order is processing now. Kindly use the G2G chat to check with seller.


it says i should contact g2g support

Hi Ulrike,

May we know what is this regarding about?

 this is happening to me aswell, i am buying ingame gold foor wow, and can provide the order if need be. but its been stuck on verifying payment, my palway is a verified account. and it also says at the top of my order page " please contact g2g support" but live chat is closed :/

This is to inform that your order 8449297 has been delivered and completed. We thank you for patience and support regarding your order. :)

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