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Please complete my order

I was waiting over 4 hours for my order, Please speed this up

3 people have this problem

Hi Dan,

It appears that all your orders have been completed. Thank you :)

I was waiting over 2 day  for my order, Please speed this up ( ORDER №9419132 )

# 9420946 aka AbsoluteGold

Seller : Hello there! Thank you for choosing AbsoluteGold. We're preparing your order and will contact you shortly! :) 6:54AM

Seller : (EU) > Arathor > Horde? 6:55AM

Me : hi :) ready for trade :) 6:58AM

Seller : place 5 identical items on ah 50k each and tell me item name 6:59AM

Seller : blue or epick 6:59AM

Me : ok... 7:01AM

Me : [Versatile Labradorite] 7:09AM

Me : [Versatile Labradorite] 7:09AM

Me : all the same 7:11AM

Seller : ok 7:12AM

Me : Hello :) still waiting. any chance? 9:07AM

Seller : working on it 9:08AM

Me : hello :) are we geting closer? 4:36PM

Seller : Yes 5:20PM

Seller : Don't worry, we've got it coverd :D 5:20PM

Me : ok, i understand, but you know the "guarantied time" past long ago XD 5:34PM

Seller : Well, if you'd be playing on Kazzak or Twisting neither you'd get int the 1 minute timer :D 5:46PM

Seller : You're playing on a rare realm where is the Alliance populated. 5:46PM

Seller : We need to trasnfer the gold there in order to buy your auctions and that does take a little bit of time. 5:46PM

Seller : Sorry about the waiting and the frustration this might've caused, we're working on it and don't worry, you'll get your gold. :) 5:47PM

Seller : We will contact you when it's done. 5:47PM

Me : ok, ok. i'm a chef with very limited sparetime :/ thats why i push this 6:04PM

Me : ok. my first 12h auction is finished. so i renewed it with 5 pcs Pyrestone]. I would like finish this business ASAP or i ask my money back. You showed yourself as a 1 hour guarantied deliveri provider with almost capped gold stock. it's not fair. 12:26AM  

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