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affiliate program, are they even work?

dear support,

i would like to asking about affiliate program, i brought 2 of my customer to registering in here by my reflink, i even try to gave them a different reflink first one was and and just now using

but i dont see any joined member after all.

may i know how this work? am my missing something?

thank you


Hi Robin,

Please ensure your customer are accessing the reflink directly (preferably from a new browser) before entering at G2G page, and sign up from there.

Thank you.

ok so i try one more time, give them link to my store profile and im not sure about his step on register and order, but 1 think for sure i didnt get any member after his order verified.

so they must registering right under that page or else they wont get added into affiliate's member?

it would be great if g2g using cache system, since we cant control when people gonna click the register feature, they might going to take a look for a while before they registering or make any purchase just like in any other affiliate site, it would even better if the cache would remember them and get them into affiliate member if they end up didnt register at that moment and  few days later they comeback to register

Here is the guide which you may refer for affiliate program.


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