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Seller goes offline after i submit my order

i have an issue with order 7955998

The seller was online when i searched and as soon as i submit the request and paid the money he went offline. He even had the estimated delivery time to be 1 Hr. 

This kind of issue must end .... 

to my knowledge if any seller does not care if he has order pending or not and goes without any type of punishment, they will keep doing it. i know it is all the sellers fault but i'm considering to look for another website if this keeps on going on... and i can't cancel my order? 

so the seller can go out and enjoy his day with my money and i have to freaking sit here and wait for him/her ? this is totally unacceptable.

Seller name : darkiiiking

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Yes. You can file a complaint for this seller and we will proceed with necessary action to this seller. Beside, we have informed this seller to respond to you on G2G chat now.

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