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Unreliable Seller - Unable to Cancle

i have been using this site for along time now to buy Wow Gold - i brought gold from the seller AbsoluteGold, he was online and the delivery time was at 1hr

First he was very slow to respond to my first chat - and then he went offline for about 1hr and come back online again - then finaly he told me the delivery would be delivered "soon" - still got nothing, and then 2 hours later where i kept on asking where the delivery was, whitout responds

he finaly responded whit "Our supplier got banned, we are trying to find someone to replace him but no luck so far. :(" 

now seeing as there is no way for me to cancel the order, then i am forced to sit here and wait for who knows how long for a delivery of gold there "might" come

can it realy be right ?

2 people have this problem

Btw the order is ORDER# 7955591

We do apologized for the inconvenience caused. You do not need to sit in front of your computer as we will give you a call once seller is ready for your gold. However, gold confiscation, account banned is beyond our control as seller wish to get your transaction completed as soon as they can so we can get the payment from us. However, you may inform us if you want to place a new order with other seller.


how can i cancel my order ? someone is lying to me i wanna to buy from another person 

Hi Abdulaziz, your orders has been cancelled and the subsequent order placed by you is already delivered. Thank you.

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