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Seller got banned, want to cancel

Hello, i bought some WoW gold from a seller called ccm886 but his account got banned. This seller always replied quick and was friendly so i got no issues with him. He told me i could cancel my account if i told customer service but i cant find any live contact..

What do i do?

Kinds regards

ps. ORDER# 7985427

 Hello, Kevin. We have notified our respective department about your cancellation request and it will be refunded into store credit within 30 minutes. Thank you.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and solution!

You're most welcome and kindly send us your inquiry at if you need any assistance.

Thank you.

The seller ccm886 tells me that he does not have the gold, that he can not give it to me at the moment, he is already more than 24 hours late.

my order is #8301716

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