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Waiting for delivery

So The order number is #8054623

Yesterday, I purchased the aion kinah.

It says the approximated delivery time is 1 hour... So I tried to talk with the seller asking when the delivery will be made

Then, he keeps telling me " wait a minute" or " I need more time".. I've already submitted a ticket and the email says they are investigating it..

However, based on what purchase email says  "Our system will automatically confirm the delivery on your behalf if there is no response after 72 hours.".. I don't know if I should cancel this and order with someone else.. ?

Is this scam... ?

The order will only be completed automatically within 72 hours when the order has been received by the buyer, but the buyer does not manually complete the order from his end. 

We will contact the seller on your behalf to arrange the delivery for your order.  

Rest assured, as we will have you notified as soon as we are able to get in touch with the seller.  

Your patience is much appreciated and in the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions.  

Thank you.

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