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Still in processing...


My  ORDER# 8596924  and it has been way over the 8 hour processing time and I have yet to receive my order. I have tried the chat support but I get no answer.            

We have informed the seller to contact you on G2G chat as soon as possible.


OK thank you.

You are welcome.


I will get back to you once I hear from the seller. 

Hi, I still have not heard from the seller. 

We have leave him a message but no response from the seller yet. Perhaps you may opt for cancellation so you can place a new order with other seller.


How do I cancel the order?

We will notify our respective department to proceed with cancellation after you informed us.

What is your cancellation process? will i get a refund? and how will I be notified regarding the refund?

Store credit will take about 30 minutes and you will be notified via email once it has been canceled.


why has the price changed? it was $80 when i first purchased it is $161??? 

It seems like stock is running low at market and much demands for the gold which cause the gold price increased.


Hi, It has been more than an hour and you suggested it would take 30 min for the refund. 

You are yet to confirm with us whether you want to proceed with the cancellation.


If you think your seller will not be able to deliver the item because the price is not right then yes I would like a refund. It is not good business. I purchase for that price but he will not deliver because the price changed? 

Then yes I would like a full refund, If you cannot give me what I had purchased. 

We have notified our respective department and it will be refunded into store credit within 30 minutes.


store credit? 

i do not want store credit.... I want a full refund please.

You may closed your dispute so we can inform our respective department to refund back to your PayPal account.


Which dispute? the one with paypal? 

For this order 8596924, if you close the dispute, the refunding process will be faster a bit. 

Ok dispute closed. 

The refund is completed and you may check your PayPal account for more details.

Thank you

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