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Havent recieved my order

Its been over triple the time now it said to wait for the order. Ive been sitting in a city doing nothing for 3 hours on my day off. I have not gotten any response at all from the seller either, after i tried to contact them multiple times. If i dont get a response soon id like to cancel the oders and be reimbursed, or i will charge back the amount. Order number is 8631180

We apologize on behalf of the supplier for the unpleasant experience. We would like to inform you that the seller is looking for you for delivery arrangement. Please login to the built-in “Chat” feature in your order page to contact the seller.

its telling me to contact someone about the account ive waited 4 hours and the seller hasnt answered back to me i want to know where the details for the account i have bought are? order number is 11359313.

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