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No payment was made for this order

I just made a payment for order 8655252

The money has been withdrawn from my bank and i got confirmation from PayPal

Yet the order says that no payment was made for the order

Please Help.

1 person has this problem

We would like to extend our apologise towards the delay of your order delivery. The confirmation of payment receipt of this order has been delayed because we did not receive an automated update from the payment gateway page.  As it is possible to proceed with your order now, we would like to confirm with you again whether you would like to: 


1. Proceed with order delivery, OR

2. Cancel the order


We will be waiting for your speedy reply on this matter.

Your order is now processed, and you may now contact the seller using the chat option to have your order delivered.


Should you have any inquiries or require any assistance for your order, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries. We're always ready to assist you the best we can.


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