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PayPal one time verification

Hi I haven't received a verification email for paypal and don't know what to do. The order number is 8664813 please help me.
Hi g2g the email verification hasn't come through as I've miss clicked a letter in my email would it be possible to cancel the order or can it still be processed?

Your order has been cancelled as requested and has been refunded back to your Paypal account. 

Thank you.

Hi G2G admin. Just made my First purchase and in the purchase history it says that the (Payment is recived) but i havet got the Paypal Email, to verify, so when i press the Chat bubbel to contact the seller, it says i dont have any processing order at the moment.
so i have checked my paypal Email and the only thing i have goten form them today is a receipt from my purchase throug your site. so my biggest qustion for you today is, is it possibel to resend that Email for first time verifying ann paypal account

Yes. We have resent to your PayPal email, Kristoffer.


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