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Waiting on Seller for almost 12 hours.

So I just bought something for a game.
Payment to the seller has been sent and received, and it says he's online. But its been several hours and I have still gotten no response. His store advertises a 1 hour response time and I've yet to hear anything from them.

Order number is # 8875490

We will contact the seller on your behalf to complete the transaction for your order.   Rest assured, as we will have you notified as soon as we are able to get in touch with the seller.  Your patience is much appreciated and in the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

The seller is now saying that they have no stock of the item. Why would they have it available for sale if there was no stock?

Sorry for inconvenience caused. Kindly let us know if you wish to proceed with the cancellation since seller did not have stock available at the moment.


Yes, please cancel the order

We have notified our respective department and it will be canceled into store credit in shortly.


No, I do not want store credit. I would like my paypal account refunded for the lack of delivery. 

We have notified our respective department about your refund request. Thank you.

Thank I appreciate the swift response.

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