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Top up process not complete

 I have purchased a top up offer with this order number

Order# 8916639 (2017-07-31 11:56:02)


and i have make a contact with the seller and he was talking to me but he didn't completed the top up process more than the time


frame that he set.


and this is the second time i purchase this offer today and both of them was not complete.


what is the problem with this non responsibility of the sellers??


They make a bad impression to your market


please help me to solve this problem.


i don't need to be refunded, i need the top up offer to be delivered successfully this time because i have been refunede already in the


first time i purchased the first top up offer.


thanks in advance


Kindly take note that your purchase has been refunded in Store Credits and it has been credited into your G2G account. You may proceed to place a new order with us by using your available Store Credits.

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