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Scams galore

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The seller for my order's is literally trying to scam me. He has told me if I wait 20 minutes he'll have a portion of what I ordered to sell me. There's no point in that considering I've already paid for the product themselves. This seller has placed things for sale without actually having  the product.  I demand a full refund on both of my orders, and you investigate this seller. This needs to take place immediately considering you have not put a single button stating to cancel this order.



Hi Dakota,

We have forwarded your complaint to our G2G Team for further action. They will try to contact our seller and we will get back to you via email for any updates. Meanwhile, you may try to contact our seller through the G2G chat again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you

Your order has been refunded to Store Credit. Please place a new order using the store credit available. Thank you.

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