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Refound order 9081061

Hi i have problems with this order 9081061. Its my second order, one month ago i send one order to other seller and and everything went well , but in this time not...

When i send the second order today, the selles ask my the iOS information, i dont have idea about it, because i have android not iOS system. The seller say me when i buy in the first time, the another seller create my iOS account to complete that order, so i need ask the old seller for this information...the problem is the other seller dont answer me, and i send tickets to support and dont got answer too. With this information, my new order cant complete from the new seller...

So, i need the iOS information, or refound my money. 

And i give you the orders :

new order 9081061

Old order 8972467

Thank you for your help.

Hi Jorge,

It seems like your order 9081061 has been successfully delivered and completed.

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