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Seller (9070379) can't deliver product, told me I should cancel order.

Me : Hi there. For some reason I received an email telling me to contact the seller immediately, but I'm not sure why. Have any idea?

Seller : Sorry, now the entire market are out of stock, all of our accounts are problems, need 3-4 days to deliver!

Me : Can you give me an updated estimate on when the credits will be delivered to me?

Me : Hello? 

Me : I believe is says you're online.

Me : So what's going on with the credits?

Seller : Sorry, we have not yet returned to normal supply! Or advise you to cancel the order contact other sellers! 

Seller : We have some trouble here!

Me : If I cancel the order will I be refunded?

Me : How do I cancel the order?

Seller : Please contact g2g customer service! Thank you

Hi cstein071095,

Kindly be informed that your order has been canceled and refunded via Store Credit to your account. Please check accordingly. You may place a new order with us using your Store Credits available and the next order will proceed accordingly. 

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