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There's no way to unlock the second lock so I want to get refund

I knew this website yesterday before then I was playing clash royale with my adroid device. So to use your website I made apple id in my iphone 6s and connected my clashroyale id to my apple id. I didn't know well about appleid system so I thought I had never set second verification system. So I ordered this item and another the same item to same buyer. Of course the buyer failed to connect to my account with his device because of the second lock... And he commented me to unlock the second lock. So I connected to appleid site and tried to unlock the second lock but the apple said I made my account in high version ios so it is impossible to unlock it. So I commented to the buyer that maybe I can give you 6 verification number in real time and commented other things and he didn't answered so I commented what should I do?? And he commented me 'you should close bro' So can I get refund and I commented and ask things but he never saw my comment for 1day until now..... I'm very nervous cuz I spent a lot of money in here and I don't know how can I get refund..... OTL Can you refund 2 orders that I had made??

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