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This is horrible... Someone please help..!

So to start it off.. Yesterday I ordered 1.150.000 World of Warccraft Gold on Illidan Horde US servers, from a seller named Thanku. 

I have paid almost 100 euro's for this order.

I was given the option to select my preferred trade method, I selected face to face trade. 

The promised delivery time was 1 hour approximately. 

Now I know it could take a little while longer, as i have been buying here a long time.. (yobauer is my other g2a account). 

So I had no problem waiting a bit longer for the gold. 

Now when I started chatting with the seller this is where things went sideways.....

He told me after 45-60 minutes that basicly he will only do auction house trade method.

So I was forced to agree into this method, so I accepted if he paid the 5% auction house fee that the auction house takes.

After another long waiting period and negotiating he finally agreed to cover the 5% fee.

I basicly told him i needed EXACTLY 1.150.000G (The ordered amount).

So he told me to put 23 auctions up for 50.000g and 1 auction for 57.500g in total.

So each auction of 50.000 gives me 47.500g x 23 = 1.092.500 in total.

So than i'm still required another 57.500G, therefor the last auction....

The seller forgot however that the last auction also will cost me 5% auction house fee..

So if I would sell the last auction for 57.500 I would lose (5% 2875g) and get 54.625 total,

and than my sub-total would be 1.147.125G.

So I notified the seller that hes coming up short, he than tells me hes not going to pay extra and hes covering the auction house fee, and sends me over his maths.. and I'm not able to tell him the last auction also requires 5% fee, as this information is repeatedly said by me 12 times in various manners..

Now he finally agrees to pay the 5% extra on the last auction... 

And please keep in mind, I'm sleep deprived and 7 hours later he tells me,

that hes not going to deliver me my full gold because he does not want to pay the 5% fee on the last auction.

So he finally agrees to pay the fee, and all is good right?

No... 3 hours later I simply ask him on progress, he does not respond.

After numerous messages, he finally does and tells me that it's gonna take another 1-5 hours to deliver the last  310.3750g

Now this is where I lost my sh*t, and thought he was intentionally trolling me or something..?

I fast forwarded alot of our conversation, and at some point I quoted him: Seller : 1-4h 11:27AM  11:56PM

So when he first told me it was gonna take 1-4 hours was 12 hours ago, and now hes telling me it will take another 1-5 hours after he tried to rip me off my gold.

So I had enough and coudn't take anymore of it and wanted to cancel my order, and told him this in full caps 4 times in a row.

He does not want me to cancel and tells me hes going to deliver in 25 minutes, I tell him ok ill give you 25 minutes.

Again he comes late on payment, and even than it takes the auction house another hour to process the items.

And also I had a freshly made character on the server a level 1, with no gold/silver/copper.

And he wanted me to put up 24 auctions of rare material on the auction house.

Putting up auctions cost gold, and rare materials cost gold I had neither.

So to sum it all up:

-My goldseller promised me 1 hour delivery time, but instead he made me wait for 16/17 hours, while i'm constantly asking him when he's gonna deliver or if there is anything wrong.

-My goldseller tried to scam me out of my ordered gold, as i was promised 1.150.000G and he tried to deliver me 1.147.125G and it took me roughly over an hour to re-negotiate him paying the full 5% auction house fee as promised.

-My goldseller cursed at me.

-My goldseller forced me into another trade method.

I have bought alot of gold on this website, me and my in 5 real life friends have probably bought for around 20/30.000 EUR over the years..

Never have I experienced this type of service.....

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The seller ID was : 9312557

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