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Waited 1 hour for my gold now, still nothing! ORDER № 9342922

Been waiting for over 1 hour now, getting insane.

Was 5-30 min MAX.

ORDER №9342922

Look into it thanks

Thanku is seller.

II am starting to get a bit pissed off with how the site is run.

Sellers should not be allowed, to advertise their stock as 9,999,999g and an estimated delivery time as 1 hour.... when it took the seller Thanku about 30 hours, to deliver me 250k.....

I am all for having to wait a long time if you are ordering a very large amount of gold, but sellers who show their stock as being way higher when they actually have close to nothing, is a joke..... 

They either need to verify gold balance or add in a communication button so we can ask sellers how much stock they have right now before placing an order.

g2g never listen. furthermore, if there isnt any stock left , they will just eat up our processing fee and tell us we can use the store credit on g2g or offgamer. The thing is there isnt a thing attractive for us to buy from g2g or offgamer. 

 is a  Scammer

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