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Seller being rude and draws time!

ORDER №9465773

Ive now grown so tired of this seller that im thinking of making a phonecall to the bank!

Its taken him 20+ hours to deliver 333k gold out of 1.8mill!

Ive Filed complaints about him more than once. not a single thing has been done about it!

Either G2G supporters takes a good talk with him. Or ill take a good talk with my banker.

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1 hour has paste and no supporter has answered... damn i must say that G2G isnt doing anything for their customers!

We are now going on day 2.

Seller keeps on asking me to put up auctions for 24 hours and 48 hours! he has a GURANTEED delivery time of 1 hour!

Do something about him!

This site really doesnt give a crap abou the customers... 2 days to answer a support ticket. yet they havnt answered anything in here!

I demand some sort of compensation for this waiting time! its 72 hours paste the delivery deadline. and the seller is still not finished with the order!!!!!

After approximatly 3 days he finally delivered the gold!

BUT.. he did not deliver within his own Guranteed delivery time!

I demand a form of compensation for waiting 72 hours to get my gold! The time he toke costed me at least 19 times as much IRL money as i paid for this order! thanks to him im now without a buyer for my account!

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