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Negative gems after buying 70k gems

Is the best thing to do "submit a ticket"?

3 people have this problem

me to 14k negative...

I got 5k negative as well today!! 

i got  10673 negative today

what exactly will G2G do, i payed lot of $ for the gems and G2G promised safety, i dont feel safe now. Please give us back what we have payed for.

Im a constant customer and i expect to stay one but only with a solved problem, otherwise it is useless. Thanx in advance

179 KB

Bought 140K gems from Paio, and used some in game once i was told it was safe to do so. Now I'm -110K gems! Don't use Paio Paio anymore. They even took off their top up offers. 

Hopefully G2G refunds my money... very frustrated!

Ja -18000K :-((((


I personally just want 70k gems added to take away the negative, none of these sellers knew this would happen else they would of not tried to sell the gems.All that happened was super cell was able to detect the refund method (not sure how it works) and you will most likely get a refund.

i m pretty sure that Jared has right, but i also expect g2g to refund my money to take my negative gems away, but the question is, how safe is to go over g2g anymore because if they detect again the minus will be bigger!!! just solve the problem please

I have a maxed account because of this site which is usually very safe this is just a rare occasion. New methods will come out over time.

I understand Jared, but i hope G2G will refund the money we spent for the gems that turned minus.

Afterwards we can discuss about new methods when they come, because i wont for sure buy again waiting for a new

problem and getting gems negative again

I encounter this negative gems as well as I bought from xiaotengy. Kindly do something about this!!

i also bought from xiaongtengy 2x 6500, please do something about this topic, solve players problems, we all payed and were paying good money for lot of

services, you cant just leave us as it is.

does anyone know anything new about those happenings, are they still actuall or they(g2g) find a way to block them(supercell).?

My gems still negative, please give back my money G2G

This is the order


i also bought from xiaongtengy 14.000

did anyone get a refund or anything? we all bought from same guy

Nothing man, I don't know why G2G can't solve this... 

me neither, i sent 15 mails to g2g, they are constantly asking for the same screenshots, purchase, refund from supercell(from my ingame messages) and my acc freaking out from sending constantly same stuff. first they opened 3 tickets for the same problem.totally confusion.i just want my money back, or top up to the point i was before my gems went negative.after hundreds and hundreds of dollars we deserve more than that, specially it isnt our fault.g2g is giving security, written on their page for the stuff might please,one more time, just give us our money back  or the gems. it shouldnt be a problem so i dont know why are we waiting so long. all evidences are given several times long time ago

i was refunded 26,8euro, that was half of my money because i bought 2x 6500gems from xiaongtengy, i hope i will be refunded for the other part too, i wrote dozens of emails(over 30 for sure with all evidences, screenshots), now i went to shop and saw new prices and i couldnt believe that from september and 28$ for 14k gems they came in december to 83$!!!today, incredible. I couldnt resist to write a mail to G2G support, i will paste it here i hope it will have enough place.Excuse my english, it isnt my motherlanguage, i hope it is understandable enough.

As your customer for a long time and experience, i cant see and not comment that prices are gone so high from september(14k gems were 28$), till today december(14k gems cost 85$!!). It is almost like prices from supercell. In no time you will lose customers, because it isnt safe anymore and people are afraid to pay because lot of experiences with gems gone negative(my also 2x 6500 gems-70$)and instead of refund all money to customers that suffered and LOW your prices as they were and refund them all money for the gems gone negative(i was given only half and not even 32$, i was given 28$ and i payed 36$ with the fee) and you would have far more job than you will now(i wont for sure pay 85$ for 14k gems, 40$ was already too much but it was still ok towards supercell).

After all for bit more than 100$ people can buy 14k gems from supercell and sleep well without being afraid if their gems will go negative again.I mean how can you guarantee safety that it wont happen again and convince me in that so i would stay your customer and the other thing, as i said, how can you lift up your prices because for the money we payed for 14k(64$) gems and gone 14k negative, now we have to pay almost DOUBLED price just to come on the "positive zero".

And after all that you didnt even refund so we can come out of negative, you refunded half, which isnt the right price i payed , it is 5$ less,with fee 9$ less.

I just hope i will get rest of my refund and that you will come to your sense with new prices which are totally not tolerable , specially because we are not sure in your safety anymore. Best regards.

Now G2G asking for an email from Supercell telling why my gems was reduced hahaha JOKE!!

1 Supercell dont give email support

2 Stop with this bullshit and give our money back


ANYONE GOT HIS/HER REFUND BACK YET? store credit or anything ?

i got refund for one of my two orders but after dozens(30-40 emails, maybe more) and still fighting for the other order, both were 6500gems from xiaongtengy

refund to store credits

G2G asks for a printscreen from Supercell telling the date of refund, Supercell never reply me back, so I lost my money, thanks G2G you lost a good client :)

Smart asses :D

you got it in your inbox where supercell tells you why you re gone negatie,thats what they need, believe me i know, i sent them all

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