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ORDER №9550913

we  did an auction place transfer , when i went to owl to collect gold the mail is there but no gold . why is this ? please help

i recieved this email what is our recourse?

ArcheAge Gold Removed 


To: me 

Greetings from Trion Worlds:

Upon review of your account it was found that you received in-game gold from an illegitimate source. Many people don't know this, but gold obtained this way is generally created via fraudulent means. It is the primary cause of inflation of the in-game economy, which damages the overall fun for everyone.

Due to this, we have removed the gold (or items purchased with that gold) from your account.

We take gold selling or buying seriously, and any future instances of this activity will lead to more severe actions being levied against your account.

We encourage you to utilize APEX sales to gain in-game gold when you need some extra coin. This method preserves the integrity (and fun!) of the game economy. You can purchase APEX directly from the store and then that can be traded to other players for gold.

If you have any questions please send an email to

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.

please refund if i cant get gold  . ty 

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