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i wonder this website is new ? I was seem a lot problem don't even worry to fix

i was play game on FFXV EMPIRE.

- The 1st thing i pay for my pack don't receive it. the money don't even know when to return. Its from the person call " TOP GOLD CLAN"

- The 2nd person call " The King Man " keep say something ur order ready done. i know they don't understand much english. sound like really scam for me.

- The 3rd person call " Piao Piao " # 9671282  i was saw them customers service raking freaking high like a perfect. Legendary seller and the year of service everything will be done by 24 hours. i was been waiting for like almost 2 days. i was been think about even the website have problem or seller. how the heck so much problem. 

To be honest why i trust this website. why don't i use amazon website even more powerful and trustful. 

Good luck to all member !

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