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been verifying for ages??

21 people have this problem

I got the same thing, but the seller said its already passed

it says thois now i wait like 30 min and it says that Payment Received - Contact G2G Support and my order id is ORDER №10631744 

VERIFYINGTransaction is being verified.


Can you Verification my Document please ?

why my status :

Payment Received - Contact G2G Support

please confirm my order, ORDER №10974181

 ORDER №10975831

Payment Received - Contact G2G Support

even received an email from the invoice -.-

My order is 10990228 and is still verifying, it’s been 1 hour.

Can you verifying my order pls.


What's so big deal??? Paid with Paypal. Should be verified instantly.

Don't disappoint us, please.

ORDER №11320818

Offline seller after submitting an order.

He made me feel bad, I waited for him for an hour, he was offline, he did not read the conversation, I could not contact him.

I canceled my order and needed a refund now.

please help me .

ORDER №11321953

same here after 2 hours of verification i canceled my order and still didnt receive any usefull information. probablyx the biggest scam site in the internet. 

ORDER №11340406

ORDER №11486594 problem

Please help

ORDER №11487460

please verify this order

Please verify mine too. At least it should say estimated waiting time!

Been waiting for over a hour now aswell :/

ORDER №11561569 3 hour :/ 

"The Vendor and myself have been waiting for verification for over 24 hours, I have sent many personal Items to comply with requests of identity, I have Platinum status what does that mean? says "faster service" I would like a/the Manager or Owner to be notified about the slow verification process, as getting tired of auto reply then a cancellation to my ticket saying I am still being verified, in which the problem has yet to be solved? This site seems to have little to non existent assistance."

Seems also many people have waited Days from reading some of these statements, wish I would have seen them before ever ordering from this site. PLEASE VERIFY OF I WILL SOON CANCEL AND TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE THANK YOU! (This is NOT an Auto-Reply) it is a request for action!

 ORDER №11919875 has been verifying for the past 2 hours, can you please do something about it

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