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Please add an option to ask seller a question about listing


Hope u guys are doing good,

I'm new to the G2G community. My overall experience is good. I bought and sold some items of mine here. I found a little annoying thing which can be fixed. Sometimes seller is a new guy who do not provide much information about the product (some of them are teenage casual gamers and don't know what things should be added in listing.)

Lack of information made me (and other buyer) less interested in the listing and there's no option i can ask seller about that. So i simply just ignore that listing because i can't get the information i need before making my purchase.

I request you to kindly add an option to ask seller a question about the listing / product so that things can be clarified before making a purchase.

Hope u guys like my suggestion and implement it.


This is a very good suggestion which can really improve sales and purchases. Please add this.

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