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I have been waiting for more than 72 hours for my order !!!!

a disappointment to be joining this community and meet this .. choose to buy with CPMOBILEGAME because it has great success rate and is recommended .. big is my surprise since it has been more than 72 hours and even my order is in process my purchase was Friday April 6 .. we are April 10 and still nothing .. not even give me an answer in the chat .. see the messages and do not answer .. I really hope I can give an answer and then deliver my order. .

the orden is N°10116642

I need my order please .. I do not want to lose the opportunity to occupy the product that I am buying .. I had 5 days to be able to occupy it .. I have 2 days left and I still do not have anything.

You need to message the guy on wechat more as he doesnt monitor his g2g that often.

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