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seller issues

For a  start, the seller's info says that the items I ordered should be delivered within 6 hours "guaranteed" however its now been well over 24 hours and still nothing. Then I go to message the seller in chat and it's all fine however I then go to message him again after no reply and now I cannot access chat as it says I have no current orders processing. Can someone please help?.  

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just submit a thicket to cancel order if seller not delivery guaranteed time as they say.

once G2G got your thicket go on progress to your cancel order then you will get your money back in an hour usually.

i always do cancel even 1 min across delivery time because it wasting of my time. 

some seller likes to use "guaranteed" this word but really unfit for lazy sellers. the deal is deal. serller and buyer must notice this is the deal.

in my experience, Find a good seller to you. not suggest you to pick cheaper and keep changing price(it price fixing to let you buy higher price) one. it will be shit happen.

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