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Scam? Did my seller sell the exact same product again after I bought it?!

So the seller gave me The Clash Royale account they were selling, but failed to tell me they sold the exact same thing to another person for a slightly cheaper price and with a different name, and different screenshots. Then 1 day ago, I got an email saying someone logged into your account, and then that person changed my password, and now I’m locked out of the account... I liked CRshopys product, but I’m never buying from them until they fix what they do so it’s right The date 3/5, that’s before I even came close to buying the acc, so who got in? As you can see in the pictures, I bought the account on Sunday Monday I changed the password Tuesday was fine Wednesday my password was changed, and I haven’t received emails since then, and it’s friday And some pics of the account

It’s gotten worse, now the person who he sold it to, or the seller themselves, is messing up the game, they wasted over 800 gems, and 200000 gold, I need help!!!!!!!

Is there some way I can contact the seller?!
Every time I try to get back on the acc, the person kicks me off, it’s like they’re locking me out of my own account, help!
Someone tell me if there is a way to contact the seller after you buy the product, because CRshopy doesn’t have contact info on his page

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