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I bought gems for clash of clans for all my 3 accounts the seller name is royal seller now im sitting -40k gems and rising supercell already told me I can get banned! 4 years playing this game  I'll never be able to pay that back and I did exactly like you guys told me to do! How you guys fixing this problem since he was one of your sellers?!? Thank you for your attention.

3 people have this problem

i am having the same issue lost 30k and still going

they are using stolen credit card so when ppl report it stolen supercell has to refund the money there for we lose our gems and g2g isnt going to do shit about cause they already have our money its all a big scam

Me to negative gem -11245 buy from CpMobileGame

contact your  paypal and dispute your charges and send screen shots where they refund the gem that how i got my money back

I have the same problem. How exactly did you got your money back from PayPal?

I have the same problema.

At this moment supercell have removed 74000 gems, purchased from cp mobile. Have you got an answer? Can something be done?

I submitted a claim and g2g refunded me back the money I spent on one of my accounts. Still, that does nothing for the loss I received from SuperCell. But it is a start...

Did you contact SuperCell? G2G wants all the details of the refunded orders from SuperCell. I wrote a request to SuperCell to get the details but with no response.

Seller cpmobile is stealer!

G2G does nothing to get your money back!

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