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Important Notice: Issue with Clash Royale & Clash of Clans Gems Top Up

Pertaining to the issue above, please be informed that we are already in the process of investigating it with the sellers, and the accounts of the affected sellers have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Buyers who have yet to report the issue to us, we would require all screenshots as follow for investigation purpose:

(1) The amount of Gems deducted as shown in your in-game mailbox notification.

Sample below:

(2) The topup date of the Gems deducted from your account. You may send an email to Supercell customer support to obtain this information at this URL:

Sample below:

You may report the issue with your purchase and attach all the screenshots above and send it to Rest assured all reports will be attended to and sorted out accordingly.

During this time we pledge for your patience while we work on rectifying the issue. Thank you.


G2G Forum Admin

5 people have this problem
The problem is I have contacted SuperCell many times and I was told they do not offer support for accounts with negative gems. How can I provide you with the date of purchase then?

Mi supercell odpisał , że oni nie otrzymywali żadnych płatności za zakup gemów i dlatego są gemy na minusie, nie podali mi żadnych dat. Wysłałem to do G2G i mi odpisali , że przesłali to do "respective team" , i tak w kółko. Próbowałeś z tym paypalem coś? Otrzymałeś zwrot pieniędzy?

Niestety sprawa wyglada tak jak u Ciebie :/

No to coś mi się wydaje , że tych pieniędzy raczej nie zwrócą

just another way for them to try and stretch this out so at the end they don't have to pay any penalty. Obviously if the seller is suspended and multiple buyers are reporting of refund methods conducted by the seller then they are at fault. the more excuses you guys make and trying not to refund our money through paypal the more fraudulent  you seem. the sellers on here will wait a few months before they do the refund method thinking everything will be fine WRONG! 

To me it seems to be a perfect plan to scam a lot of people and get away with it. First of all, I heard that it is not the first time people got negative gems balance but on the first occasion everyone got their refunds. They probably did that to gain people’s trust and make them spend more money as they felt safe and sure that whatever happens they will get their money back. Secondly, Supercell changed some rules in their terms of use after the first refunds wave - they do not offer any support for those with negative gems - we cannot obtain the dates of purchase then cause they close their chat and do not reply to emails. Thirdly, the refunded amounts of gems do not fit the amounts of gems bought. I got refunds for 6780, 3460 or such weird numbers while I usually bought 500, 1000, 2500 gems. To summarise, I am sure they just came up with a perfect scamming plan after the first wave of refunds and they got away with our money.

Yo everybody that gotten scam needs to go through paypal and dispute it over there. that way they can build up a case and see a pattern  that this scandalous website and their seller is doing .they keep asking for screen shots and dates when they know supercell do all their refunds on the same dates like 4-25 and supercell wont offer much else besides telling us to talk to itunes or apple. go over to paypal dont even waste your time here they all working together from china.

Paypal will not refund money:/

I have also contacted supercell multiple time asking for the dates that the gems were purchased and uploaded on and they refuse to provice me with that info they say I must contact my itunes and check my account which shows only my purchases. I feel that G2G know were not able to provide this info and will use this as an excuse to not refund any of us.

They did however tell me that all my purchases were made in the 99 cent 4.99 and 9.99 form.

G2g is a complete scam. I sent them messages, videos, screenshots, order numbers .. and they answered me that I have not bought the gems here! Amazing!! Do not be stupid, do not buy anything on this page, I'm going to denounce g2g through my lawyer and by all social networks if they do not give me a quick answer, but do not buy anything here, we have all been scammed !!

hunterchiky like ive said just go dispute it through paypal if you used PP to order. dont waste your time with these corrupted clowns

Any news? Somebody get refund from G2G or paypal? Can anyone help me to get refund from paypal?

Still nothing here. PayPal is still investigating, 0 emails from G2G.

U mnie to samo

I send them the video oc my account about negative gems, they answear they forward it for further investigation. no answear.

on paypal dispute or directly they all time ask to contact supercell for date of topup but supercell dont give that answear.

the only working what we can do, we start a s h i t storm on all sites and everywhere where you can make bad feedback over them.

if they dont help us and if they dont refund us, we can make with negative feedback helps others buyers to NOT BUY on g2g,

this HITS the only way !

start here

register everywhere, ownedcore, elitepvpers and so on

start topic with review they scam and copy paste your story there

lets starts people, if they dont pay our money back, this will make dollars of damage!!! forward in all your telegram groups!

Wszystko PayPal oddał!

Grzegorz jaką wiadomość napisałeś do paypal? I czy przy otwieraniu spory wybrałeś , że jest to przedmiot w postaci elektronicznej czy coś takiego?

Najpierw założyłem spór w płatności do G2G, a po tygodniu skoro nic nie odpisywali zrobiłem dysputę w systemie PayPal i napisałem to: : The website offered gems in Clash Royale at cool prices. All the sellers guaranteed that these were 100% legit, 100% safe and they offered 100% money back if there happen to be any problems. On the 29.05.2018 I got a few messages in game from SuperCell support saying that all my gems were refunded - the sellers from G2G asked for the refunds on 25.04.2018. By doing this they made my account almost banned and at -40.940 gems which are worth like 350$ ... I have not bought all the games using PayPal so I cannot probably get all my money back but I would be glad if you could help me retrieve at least some if it. The G2G support does nothing to help me. They ask me for some dates of purchases made in game but they know that SuperCell do not offer support for those with negative gems. I think they just came up with a perfect scamming plan and they scammed a lot of people. It's been almost two weeks now and they remain silent. I hope you will help me get my money back. Thanks a lot in advance! Nic więcej nie chcieli, a tam wybrałem przedmiot niezgodny z opisem i forma elektroniczna.

Wybrałem to samo , napisałem coś podobnego , mam nadzieje , że zwrócą mi te pieniądze 

you guys have to go talk to paypal i keep telling you this yo. dont even waste your time here, theres not much else i can tell you

anyone managed to get their money back through paypal?

I got 4 refunds from paypal

I send picture video nothing they keep telling me they contact seller I have been refunded twice ORDER №10440553 seller clasherzhub and from 2 month ago ORDER №10322678  seller bluefish G2G don't answear me they are scammers we should talk to youtubers and ask to speak on their channel about g2g and about the scammers who are protected here

here are the pictures and recorded videos

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