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Domis1337 scammer!!!

Recently bought and account for dota 2 from him(26. june) and he delivered few days later. Account information was incorrect, and after contacting him he gave me another username and pass and it still didnt work. He is ignoring my texts even though he is online(I can see it) and he keeps seeing my messages. Please g2g, do something regarding this man and,if possibly, do something about money or account I got scammed on.


The same thing happened to me only CS user: GO and have been through four days and afraid did not give me an answer or dealt with it I'm not sure it was theft but the details did not work I turned to him in Chat and he told me to choose another user I chose and he told me to wait and passed for two days and Answer from the person even though he was logged in and saw the messages I sent him and my request will retrieve my money and I will not deal with it I will never make more money This site has liars!


And he still is selling that account he was supposed to sell to me. Careful people!!

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