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I want a refund for ORDER №11084108

After making the payment, initiated a chat, was told to put up my item on auction, nothing new there.

After a while I get "Seller : I contact the next trader"

15 minutes after that I see just above the delivery line "Contact G2G Support".

Me : Above the "Delivery Status 0 / 2000 delivered" it now says "Contact G2G Support", is that something I should ignore or what is wrong? Never seen that before

Seller : ignore

Me : Shall we just cancel the order and I'll just place it at another place? Been waiting 1½ hour now...

Seller : ok

Me : Will you just cancel it or do I have to make a ticket?

Me : ?

Me : Unless you get someone to delive right away

Me : Up to you, if you want my money then I want a delivery asap :)

And here we are now, so I just want a refund to my paypal, thank you.

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