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Can't pay at all for German account


This is my first time using G2G and it's full of frustrating.

First I pay my order with Paypal (which I use hundreds of times successfully). The order is in verification stage for 12 hours until I got email saying that the verification failed.

Then I tried to order again and all Paypal/CC options are gone, so I selected TrustPay. The TrustPay website told me to transfer money to TrustPay account, I did and waited again for 10 hours until I got a confirmation from both TrustPay and G2G that they received my money. Then I go to G2G account and found out that my order #11245450 was cancelled! 

"Cancel Status - Your order has been canceled due to non-receipt of payment. If this is a mistake, please contact us here."

Finally I waste for 1 day without any orders!

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