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Still can't withdraw balance after 2 weeks

I sold an account on 10/10/18 and still can't withdraw my balance.

I currently have £108.01 sat in 'Revenue Reserve' in other words 'Funds set aside' but I have no idea why? So my available balance is sat at £0

I have no complaints on the order etc. so I have no idea what could be causing this.

I have sent multiple emails to and to try and get this resolved but have had no response at all.

Please can you advise why I can't withdraw this or why it is currently sat in 'Revenue Reserve'?

I would like to withdraw this balance ASAP.

7 people have this problem

The same here, I cant move my money US$13.05, and  doesn't reply my emails, what's wrong with u g2g!?

I also have a problem, though my booked revenue is $182, none of the G2G site officials reply to the email !!!

I have this issue too. Can't withdraw 119.41$ for almost 3 months already. Does anyone know where to write about this?

I got same issue! I sold an item  no. 1293912 on Jan. 15 2019 but the site won't allow me to withdraw my money! I messaged both   and right after i received the message from that the withdrawal of my payment has been canceled! I want to know what's going on?!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for almost 1 month and still getting same automated responses, copy paste like responses, they are still investigating =( 

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