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All the possibilities of withdrawal to newcomers - 2

 Recently, G2G has been updated, and now sellers who do not sell more than 1000 dollars per month are prohibited by all payment methods except PayPal. I understand that you so want to stimulate sell more, but there are countries on which PayPal still does not work! I am from Ukraine and we work PayPal only for payment. We can't withdraw money. The site has been from gamers to gamers and is guaranteed ample payment options. Please reconsider the decision and make a good choice.

I just copied by Nikolay exaclty i have same problem paypal does not support in my country. I have only two way to gettin money BTC or Webmoney. I already finished + 1000$ dollars transection from g2g still normal rank. Maybe thats should be work for monthly sellers. But i don't belive legendery sellers sellin 50k$ per months most of them friend in my skype i know these are gettin 4-6k $ per month from this business... So i don't know why they are force to people left g2g i send to email upgrade to rank and waiting webmoney payment. I already losin 150$ because of payment method i bought many of currencies from local buyers thats gonna be real terrible.. People wants to get money from me but g2g change the system lets party...

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Hello! Please return the opportunity to use the withdrawal of funds through the webmoney system! Otherwise there is no point in continuing to work with you. Other payment methods are not suitable.

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