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Adding a Review System to a Seller's Profile

From the experience of a few of my friends and I, there are a few popular sellers on this website that falsely advertise delivery estimates, along with other similar details. I understand G2G already has a rating system, but I personally believe that simply just rating someone as good or bad isn't enough.

We need a review system added to the sellers' profiles. If this were to be added, a buyer could review the sellers profile and see what other buyers have to say about their experiences with detail, which could potentially inform the buyer if the seller was potentially falsely advertising his service.

In addition, if this feature were to be implemented, it could increase the reliability of some sellers, even those that are new to G2G, and help those new sellers grow, drawing some of the traffic away from some of these larger sellers that scam their buyers by put their estimated delivery time to 1 hour, while in reality it takes them probably 5+ hours to actually deliver what the buyer paid for *cough EternalShock cough*.

Adding this feature would result in a number of positive things. For one, it would allow the buyer to access more detailed information on the buyer. It would also make the buyers more confident in their purchase, knowing they bought from the right person. When the buyer leaves the website and receives the service they paid for, they would be more likely to return, and maybe refer people to G2G out of their own free will, increasing traffic to G2G and sellers alike.

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In the last paragraph, I meant to say "For one, it would allow the buyer to access more detailed information on the *seller*".

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