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Sellers False Advertise Their Stock Of Items+No Way To Message Before Purchase

Title pretty much sums it up my very first purchase here went well but ever since every single person i have tried to buy currency/gold from has lied or false advertised about having stock and after waiting 6-10x the "said" time for delivery i cancel and repeat. There should be stricter rules for sellers who end up not delivering in the time they say and also a way to message sellers before a purchase to find out if they actually have stock.

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Couldn't agree more.  My last seller listed 3 hour delivery with over 9000 in inventory.  I gave him a day (way more than his listed time).  He would not give updates.  I simply requested he let me know if we were talking hours or days.  Each day, there was another excuse.  Finally he told me I could cancel after waiting 4 days.

Why does this site not let us report that and monitor delivery times?

Very disappointed

Agree. after 8 days i cancelled and then had to wait 2 more days before refund, That's not a positive experience. 

With me the same. And always the same answer from support: We have informed respective team to help contact with seller and expedite the order delivery . Once there is an update, we will notify you via email. Should you have any inquiries or require any assistance for your order, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries. We're always ready to assist you the best we can.

I bought an account and thats my first purchase in that website and the seller in discord told me wait 20 minutes and after 2 hours she send me wrong email amd password and she blocked me on discord thats proof i sent her money and she still not sending me the name and password which's she said i send you pubg account i lost £285 in g2g 

Yeah this is bullshit... I've refunded once already due to a 1hr service turning into 10hrs and them needing more time. Now this new seller went ghost after additional 10 hrs.... 

4 days I cancle my order no word either I wrote the seller like the email said lol just ALL false stuff

NewSunny, MMooK, AlotOfGold. All sellers that do not have the stock they advertise. and should be banned

NewSunny 100%


I hope you guys didnt ask for you money back, because they wont give it to you

MMooK is the worst. Filed a complaint and nothing done. He continues to get a high listing when he fails delivery

Oh I'm getting my money back - my payment was through paypal. I've got screenshots and proof that it was a scam.

Did anyone ever get there gold?

MMooK still have fake stock and deleverytime. im waiting now 8 hours for 39 gold.... 3 hours was guaranteed ... g2g support dont answer   he cant say when delevery . i asket for today or tomorrow... his answer " if you cant wait , just cancel order "    i stay on chat and ask all 5 min  till he finish my order. 

check descriptions and avoid blatant resellers with million stock etc... all these "companies" give bad rep to the site, its sad as many sellers like myself have real stock and instant delivery.

Also having issues with MMooK estimate delivery says 5 hours. stock way high. and were going on 46 hours not a full delivery only gave 60/200 right before 12 hours to keep get the transaction going so he gets payed. then what happens after the automatic confirmation.? they get the money without delivering the full amount? 

Absolute bullcrap.   There are some good sellers but MMooK is one to stay far from.

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Yup, that’s what is happening with this one too. This Seller’s name is Player. I’ve ordered from him in the past with no issues, but this order is proving to be a piece of work.

Sell my pubg mobile account

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