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Boosting service rules and descriptions

Modified On: 2019-01-03 10:50:23 +0800

Sellers must comply with the following rules when creating listings. Failure to do so will result in listings removal and banning of G2G account. The type of boosting available are SELF-PLAY & ACCOUNT SHARE.


Seller has to login to own account to help buyer's character fulfill advertised tasks. Examples:

1. Assisting buyers in dungeons or raids.

2. Completing quest objectives with buyers.

3. Killing mobs or bosses with buyers.

4. Form a PVP team with buyer to play together in PVP arena.


Seller login to buyer's game account to fulfill advertised tasks. Procedure as follow:

1. Buyer must logout from game account and is not allowed to login again until the order is completed. We will not be liable for any losses if buyer login to the game account while leveling is in progress. 

2. Seller will contact buyer through real-time translation chat for powerleveling arrangement.

3. Seller will begin work after login to the account.

4. Buyer will receive email notification once order is completed.

5. Buyer is required to change the password upon completion of order.

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