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Affiliate Program FAQ

1. How does the 20% lifetime revenue share is calculated?

Answer: You will earn 20% from the net profit (may vary depending on the type of products and services) of the order placed by the customers you bring to G2G.

2. Does anyone who clicks on my reflink will be qualified to be added into my affiliate team?

Answer: Only applicable for new users who have never created an account at G2G is eligible.

3. Once a new user joins my affiliate team, how long will I continue to earn the profits from this user? Will there be an expiry date?

Answer: It is a lifetime earning with no expiry date. As long as your team member continues to buy, you will continue to earn profit sharing.

4. Once a new customer places an order, how long does it take for the transaction record to appear in the affiliator's report?

Answer: It will take approximately 1 day.

5. How long is the grace period before I can withdraw the earnings?

Answer: The earnings will be inserted into your affiliator's account 90 days after the order is in Completed status. 

6. Why do I have to wait for the grace period before I can withdraw my earnings?

Answer: This is our internal security measures to make sure that all orders are in Completed status with no outstanding dispute before we pay the profits to affiliators.

7. The profits earned from one of my affiliate team member has been cancelled. Why is that?

Answer: Only completed orders with no outstanding dispute is accounted for the earnings. In the event that an order has been disputed or chargeback, the earnings associated with that order will be deducted from your balance, since G2G did not receive any profit from a chargeback order.

8. I am a seller promoting the reflink of my own seller store. What happens if my affiliate team members sign up through my reflinks but buy from other sellers?

Answer: The orders placed by your team members will be still be accounted for as long as the sign-up is made through your reflinks.

9. What is the difference between the profits shown in the Reward Feed and Reflink Feed?

Answer: The profit shown in the Reward Feed is the actual amount earned and include the status of each earnings (pending, cancelled, completed etc.). The profit shown in the Reflink Feed is the amount captured when buyers place orders and does not exclude the amount which has been chargeback, refunded etc. Therefore, its sole purpose is only to serve as reference the profit potential of each reflink you have created.

10. Do I need to pay any fee when withdrawing my affliate earnings?

Answer: Please refer to this fee structure.

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