Sellers must comply with the following rules when creating listings. Failure to do so will result in listings removal and banning of G2G account. 

1. Sellers are only allowed to sell ONE(1) complete package per listing, and this must be accurately reflected in the pricing of the product listing itself.

(a) However, buyers can place order for multiple quantities if the same complete package of the boosting service is intended for different characters.

(b) Definition of a complete package: If your listing title stated [Lvl 100-120], this means you will level up the buyer’s account from 100-120 only.

2. The minimum purchase quantity must be set to "1".

3. Sellers are not allowed to exploit or manipulate the unit pricing with the intention to gain advantage in listing visibility; to mislead, deceit or fraudulently misrepresent through product listing and its description.

(a) This include attempts to sell multiple packages in one listing, whereby buyers are required to add and checkout multiple quantity to achieve the desired boosting outcome, AND

(b) Creating product listing with low price and high purchase quantity.

4. Sellers who want to offer dynamic leveling (eg. leveling from 113-120), please put a note in the listing informing the buyer to contact you. Once the buyer has agreed to the deal, sellers can then proceed to create a listing specially tailored for the buyer to place order.

Example sentence to use [Note : If you would like to order custom leveling package, kindly contact me. I will create a custom package for you to place order.]

5.  Please maintain a healthy marketplace environment without competing in a malicious manner. We will remove all listing which violates this rule and we reserve to take actions against the sellers, which include but not limited to account suspension and permanent removal of selling capabilities.



Creating listing with low price and selling multiple packages, requiring buyers to checkout multiple quantity for desired boosting outcome.


Creating a listing that sells only ONE(1) package and the price accurately reflect the product description, with the minimum purchase quantity set to "1".


Seller has to login to own account to help buyer's character fulfill advertised tasks. Examples:

1. Assisting buyers in dungeons or raids.

2. Completing quest objectives with buyers.

3. Killing mobs or bosses with buyers.

4. Form a PVP team with buyer to play together in PVP arena.


Seller login to buyer's game account to fulfill advertised tasks. Procedure as follow:

1. Buyer must logout from game account and is not allowed to login again until the order is completed. We will not be liable for any losses if buyer login to the game account while leveling is in progress. 

2. Seller will contact buyer through real-time translation chat for powerleveling arrangement.

3. Seller will begin work after login to the account.

4. Buyer will receive email notification once order is completed.

5. Buyer is required to change the password upon completion of order.