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What is G2G Points and how can I use it?

G2G Points is G2G loyalty scheme. G2G Points is given upon successful transaction made for any product listed in G2G Marketplace. Buyers will receive a standard amount of points based on the product purchased. However, it doesn't end there! The reward system is beneficial to gamers who are loyal and devoted to G2G. The greater the loyalty, the greater the rewards.

Please refer to the following table for the reward points entitlement for each ranking.

          Regular         Up to 1x G2G Points
         Up to 2x G2G Points
          Silver         Up to 3x G2G Points
          Gold         Up to 4x G2G Points
          Platinum         Up to 5x G2G Points

Note: G2G Points is not given for certain promotional or discounted items.

Checking Balance and Redemption

1. To check your G2G Points balance, click on your profile icon in the top menu and select G2G Points.

2. You will be shown the amount of G2G Points you have accumulated. To redeem, you must have minimum 50,000 G2G Points in your balance. Redemption of G2G Points into G2G Store Credit will take 2 working days.

3. You may also click on G2G Points Statement to view all G2G Points transacted. Only statement in the past 3 months will be shown.

Conversion Rate

50,000 G2G Points can be redeemed into USD$5.00 G2G Store Credit. G2G Store Credit redeemed from G2G Points cannot be withdrawn from your G2G account and is not exchangeable to cash.

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