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Affiliate Program Overview

1What is G2G Affiliate Program?
G2G Affiliate Program is a referral program that enables you to earn money. All you have to do is share your reflinks with friends or promote them through your social media. You will earn commission when someone purchases something using your reflinks.
2How does G2G Affiliate Program work?
You can begin generating your own reflink after signing up on the G2G website. You will make money if a new user clicks on your reflink, registers, and makes a purchase through it. Additionally, you will receive commission on every purchase that users who sign up through your reflink make.
What are the benefits if you join the Affiliate Program from G2G?You will get a commission of 20% of the net profit on each completed transaction.
Does the 20% has a definite limit value?The commission of 20% is calculated based on net profit where the value will vary depending on the value of the product sold without any limitations.
Will the earnings from Affiliate Program become expired?

The earnings does not expire.
6How do I get my money?
Every profit you make from a transaction will be added to your "Available affiliate balance". You can do this by selecting "Payout" and adding money to your G2G Pay account. Then you can cash them out using one of the available methods.
What kind of user criteria can be included in my affiliate group?Users who can enter your affiliate group are new users who have never owned or registered a G2G account.
8Can I have more than one account?
No, each user is limited to having one account. However, you are free to create as many reflinks as you want.
What happens if I am a seller promoting my own Reflink store but users who registered purchase from other stores?You will still get a commission on the condition that the user registers from your reflinks.
10I have a suggestion for how to improve G2G Affiliate Program. How can I tell you about it?
We’re delighted to hear that! Kindly email us at support@g2g.com with your suggestions.

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