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How to Promote Your Reflink

Being enrolled in G2G Affiliate Program  can be seen as a collaborative partner with G2G, with the common goal of helping to promote existing products from all sellers in G2G. Thus, having an effective promotional strategy can maximize the results from reflinks that have been created. 

There are many ways you can promote reflinks as G2G Affiliate and maximize the potential commission you earn. One of them is getting to know the detailed product specifications so that the product and reflinks can be promoted effectively. Some other ways include:

    One of the most effective strategies for promoting your reflinks is to share them across all of your social media platforms. The more platforms you use, the more audience you can reach. Therefore, social media is a suitable place to promote reflinks with a very wide audience reach.
    Among G2G's target audience and its users, most people, especially youngsters tend to be attracted with visual images and interesting video content compared to lengthy written materials. Therefore, uploading videos and interesting visual images in social media is effective to get the attention from the target audience, which in turn increases the possibility of them registering and transacting through the reflinks.
    G2G has various product categories where each category has its own fans. Therefore it is easier for you to build or collaborate with a particular community or general public in a forum to promote the reflinks. Additionally, the promotion process can be carried out more effectively as users can identify easily with their interests and according to the product category in G2G itself.

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