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Restrictions on payment methods for certain products

Some products available for purchase on our platform may have specific restrictions on the payment methods that can be used. It is important for customers to be aware of these restrictions to ensure a smooth and successful purchasing experience.

For example, certain products may only accept specific payment methods due to their nature or industry regulations. In addition, to protect our customers and maintain a secure purchasing environment, we may implement restrictions on payment methods for certain products. This helps us minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions and safeguard sensitive customer information.

If a product has limited payment options, we understand that it may inconvenience some customers. However, we strive to offer alternative products or similar options that accept a wider range of payment methods. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the specified payment methods for certain products. These measures are in place to ensure a secure and efficient shopping experience for all our customers.

Payment options which are not accepted for products listed:
(1) Apple Pay, specifically tied to Visa cards
(2) American Express Charge Card
(3) Credit/Debit/Prepaid cards which is not 3DS secure.
(4) Credit card checkout not via PayPal wallet are not accepted

  • Multi Game Card GLOBAL
  • Perfect Money Voucher GLOBAL
  • Touch 'n Go eWallet Reload PIN MY
  • Advanced Cash Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • WebMoney Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Expresspay Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Payeer Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Perfect Money Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Safetypay Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Servidolar Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • QIWI Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Paypal Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Paysera Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Sepa Rewarble Gift Cards GLOBAL
  • Paysafecard SA
  • JCB Premo Gift Card JP
  • V-Preca Visa Gift Card JP
  • American Express Gift Card US
  • Mastercard Gift Card US
  • Visa Gift Card US
  • Vanilla eGift Visa GLOBAL
  • Transcash GLOBAL
  • PayPal Wallet GLOBAL
  • PCS Mastercard BE
  • PCS Mastercard EU
  • PCS Mastercard ES
  • PCS Mastercard FR
  • Bitsa EU
  • Toneo First GLOBAL
  • Toneo First EU
  • Toneo First FR
  • Runescape Prepaid Game Card
  • Old School Runescape Prepaid Game Card

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